For every minute spent organizing
an hour is earned. -Benjamin Franklin

The process begins with a free 30-minute phone consultation. We will speak in detail about the concerns and organizing issues you are experiencing as well as the overall outcome you are seeking.

Once a service is contracted, I will do a walk-through of your home. The purpose of the in-home consultation is to familiarize myself with your space and to ultimately gain a better understanding of your needs. We will discuss the overall scope of the project and establish a general timeline.

I review the specifics of the consultation in detail. I establish a comprehensive plan and do all of the product/supply shopping for you.

Together we will begin the sorting portion of this step by placing items into 4 piles: Discard, Donate, Sell, Keep. Once sorting is completed, the organizing portion can begin. We will find a new home for each item and keep anything regularly used within easy reach. As we work together in this process, I will provide you with the techniques needed to ensure maintenance of the area is a hassle-free, successful experience. NOTE: You must be present for the sorting portion of this step. It is strongly preferred that you also be present during the organizing portion, however it is not an absolute requirement.



Moving? Let me make the packing process easier for you. Using an organized and systematic method, your belongings will be carefully packaged, resulting in a faster and smoother unpacking experience. If you’ve just moved, I can help you unbox and organize all of your things.

Virtual Organizing Sessions

Virtual 1-hour sessions are available, nationwide, via phone or video conferencing. The same methods will be applied as I create a step-by-step plan for you. I will teach you how to implement these steps in your own home. We will end the conversation with you feeling positive and motivated to create your organized, functional space.